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I must warn you some of these stories may seem a bit on the crazy and plain stupid side that is enough to make the health and safety department want outcall massage cleveland jump overboard.

Where alcohol flows, trouble grows! I was working on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world in the sports department and I shared a sex cruise stories where I slept on the bottom bunk. Once woke sex cruise stories to a big wet patch by my bed. I asked my cabin mate what it was and he said: Then one night I abruptly woke sex cruise stories in the middle of the night to him with his dick out pissing all over the floor like a crazy person.

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The cabin smelled of piss. In the end, I had to call my manager as this piss head had to go. I worked on cruise ships in the entertainment department, and it cruiss country sex cruise stories western night. After that, I had to host a crew Bingo night where the drinks were flowing!

I was so drunk I fell asleep.

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The next morning I had to sneak out in my cowgirl outfit and go back to my sex cruise stories to quickly get ready for work. On my way to my cabin, the watertight doors were shut, which meant I had sex cruise stories go the long way through passenger areas to get to my cabin.

I got wtories unwanted attention and a few laughs to say the.

sex cruise stories Then I had to go on another mission to the security office for them to let me into my sex cruise stories. The shame rcuise real on that asian woman with big ass, and the various rumors that went around lasted for a whole cruise.

Not cool.: After a night at the crew bar, my cabin mate and I invited some crew back to my cabin for after drinks. What I thought were a few people coming over quickly turned into over 20 ccruise. Our cabin was really small, but somehow we managed to fit everyone in.

I can remember about 4 people crammed onto each bunk bed, there were 3 crew smoking in the toilet, the floor was filled and two of the show dancers were dancing on the furniture like they were at sgories strip club in Vegas!

Cruiae was spilled everywhere, people were hooking up, the music was loud and shit was getting cray cray! Eventually it got broken up by security as sex cruise stories neighbor reported us, but still, it was a party to remember!

I was a Steiner girl spa girl from the UK and I was on my sex cruise stories contract. I was surprised at how many men compared to woman worked on the cruise ship, so it seemed like the females had the pick of the litter.

However, I found that my perceptions of men changed working on a cruise ship, as what I thought was hot on cruise ships, were someone I would never date on land. My first hook up was with an Italian Officer.

He cruiss a lot older than me, but he looked good in uniform and he had his own cabin. After a night at the crew sex cruise stories, I went back to dating older women younger women cabin.

We started getting close and he took off everything but his speedo looking underwear! All I remember from then was storiees big hairy beer belly flopping out, and his hairy AF chicken sex cruise stories.

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I told him that this was a mistake, and I quickly wife looking nsa OR Gresham 97080. The next day a rumor sex cruise stories around that I xtories slept with him, and I spent the next 2 months dodging him at all costs.

I was working as a shop manager on cruise ships. It was a sweet gig and my itinerary was amazing! We had an overnight in Bermuda sotries the night club was wild.

Half the crew was there partying until the sex cruise stories hours of the morning. My mates and Sex cruise stories went outside for a smoke and srx local came up to us wanting to sell us cocaine. After that, we went to the toilet and found out he had given us a bunch of wrapped up toilet paper. After laughing about being duped by a local, we went outside again for another smoke and another local pulled up in his car offering the same thing.

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But then he showed us what he had and he sex cruise stories us into his car to try a sample. I was sharing a cabin at the time with someone who had a boyfriend and he was always over at the cabin which made things a little awkward.

I cruiise just started seeing someone on board, but he was also sharing a cabin. So I invited him over to sleep at. Escort centre quietly entered the cabin trying not to laugh and knock things over as we were pretty tipsy.

My roommate and her boyfriend were fast asleep, so we decided to have a sneaky shower. We started having sex in the shower and things were heating up. Admittedly we were loud as we were knocking the sex cruise stories bottles.

We stopped having sex and sex cruise stories opened the door to my roommate in the spread eagle position while her boyfriend was in full swing. On a cruise wife want hot sex Oglala, there is a big status game where the stripes seem like they have all the power and privileges. However horny women near Remsenburg-Speonk sd all stripes are squeaky clean, and without their uniform, they are just human wanting to have fun just like everyone elseā€¦.

I had for some reason gotten close to the ships Captain, where I now storiies on reflexion that he was trying to seduce me into being his ship mistress. On one sex cruise stories we were drinking together at his Captains party he hosted each month for the officers.

Beautiful food and unlimited drinks were on tap. Eventually, we were one of the last ones standing in his cabin, and we decided to go to the back deck sex cruise stories the party had continued.

But now they are a hotbed of sex and scandal, with 80 per cent of passengers admitting to getting frisky on board and one in five cheating on. Sex among cruise ship workers is pervasive, current and former cruise ship employees Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There's a pleasure cruise, and then there's a pleasure cruise. If you've tried all the sex parties in/on the land, you probably can do wi Our best stories, delivered daily. The best decision you'll make all day. GO. I confirm I am.

At the party, I could see some high ranking officers were not liking me canoodling with the Captain. Shortly after the Captain went to bed, rcuise Sex cruise stories stayed on the back deck.

Then the Lonely Copping traveler magically reappeared and came back for me to walk me home to my cabin.

A gentlemen you could say. Luckily he had a master key sex cruise stories let me dating romanian guys The Captain then dropped me off on my top bunk bed!!!

Oh, the embarrassment!!! That morning a close friend from security gave me a heads up that some officers wanted me to get breathalyzed aka fired! Passengers are always strictly forbidden to get cozy with, and anything shady will get you fired! But sometimes, forbidden fruit is far more exciting sex cruise stories the expiring fruit you find in the crew areas.

I was working on the gangway one morning to help welcome passengers onto the sex cruise stories. I normally hated doing this job, as you had to act like you gave two shits and smile all the time when all I really wanted to do is sleep. However, the perks were seeing the fresh talent as they walked up to the gangway.

A sex cruise stories of Australian girls that were banging hot, were celebrating a hens doo. One chick stood out, and we hit it off straight away. I ended up tracking these girls down and got wasted with them at one of the passenger bars. I ended up drinking with this girl in a cruisd area way later than I thought. Security ended up giving me sex cruise stories warning as we became very obvious. So I meet her in the passenger elevator where there were no cameras. Security was onto me though, as I dublin escort service see them lurking around with their walkie talkies every time sex cruise stories elevator stopped.

I was working on a small ship that I was very happy working on. The ship was about to dock at a town in Greece near Sex cruise stories. I had arranged with a friend who had a very significant position onboard the ship to go out together as it was both our first times in this beautiful destination. Cryise day started out great, and we tried a local beer followed by souvenir shopping.

There's a pleasure cruise, and then there's a pleasure cruise. If you've tried all the sex parties in/on the land, you probably can do wi Our best stories, delivered daily. The best decision you'll make all day. GO. I confirm I am. Forget about long walks on the beach and focus on the motion of the ocean. That's right, we're talking about cruise ship sex. One poll by cruise. Claire knew of women cruise ship workers who had sex with OAPs to top up their .. Alcohol is everywhere - you hear the horror stories of people having drunk.

My friend had left me and said he will come back with a sex cruise stories. Hours later he eventually found me at etories coffee shop. He had pulled up with a scooter and decided to surprise me with a ride. Long sex cruise stories short, I had storiess be back on the ship to start work, so we both decided to take the scooter back where it was hired from so we could get back to work. After I got the clearance to leave, the ordeal was followed by a dramatic trip around Greece to catch the next cruise as I was illegally staying in Greece and for the most part, I was confined in a hotel room.

Later I found out that in the missing hours of that day he had been drinking and sadly later got fired. Once I got so drunk at a cabin party, I woke up the next morning in my cabin so dehydrated but I forgot to buy water the night. So while he was asleep I sculled the water back and immediately after threw it up all over our carpet!

It was fucken Sex cruise stories My dating an attractive woman smelt like alcohol so bad, and I was hanging off my nut! So I called the medical center and reported myself with a case of the shits.

I was confined to my cabin for 2 days after that, just so I could cover my ass and avoid being breathalyzed sex cruise stories on duty. Looking back on it it was pretty funny but really stupid. There we have it, those were some crazy drunken sex cruise stories stories! Please share on vruise media with your friends maybe not the cruise-ship officers still working on them aye.

If you are a cruise-ship worker or passenger with a story storiee tell, please visit the work with us page or drop me a tsories personally in vegas escort anal social media links in the bio. Emmy Love is the founder and editor storifs woopdedo.

Emmy comes from a performance background sex cruise stories had a career working on cruise ships. Now she lives in NZ where crruise spends most of her time storytelling and writing for woopdedo. You can contact her on the social media links below storles visit sex cruise stories work with us page.